View Full Version : My antec 1200 overhall

11-23-2009, 04:19 PM
oke gone redo all the fans in my case soon :)

i was thinking about letting the 2 fans on the back and the 3 rad fans on the back blow in (push pull)
make the front 2 fans i have left push out and also the top fan blow out

i still have 1 full drive bay (3 x 3.5" slots) free so thanks to slpdLoad his inspiration xD i am gone mount me PSU in the middle drive bays :)

now i have the bottom of the case CLEAR
i am gone put there a 240 RAD i think XSPC RX and some red/black fans (no leds)

i am gone make 2 120 holes fo air pull in from under the case
(case is on a glass table so not that big of a prop for dust )
still i am gone install fan grills and dust filters

and at last i need to get my case a bit hinger of my table

it has now 7MM ( or 0.2755 inches)
i dont think that is Enif for the 2 120MM fans to take in air
so i need to raise my case but not ruwen the looks :)

11-23-2009, 05:02 PM
:popcorn: Looks like some good honest modding ahead. :up:

If nothing else, raising the case off the ground more will help reduce the noise your fans make.

Are 5.25" bays large enough for the TX850? I think it may be slightly wider.

11-23-2009, 05:07 PM
hmm maybe u dint know
it is all gone be trying and fittings and a bit :) just plans for now :) first i need to get money to get my SSD and the new RAD xD

but i dont think i need to raise the case just for the air to the rad ? will the 0.27icnh do xD ?

but about the PSU i think i can maybe put it on its side so it will be hidden on the back ground and it will come under my HDD'S who also stick a bit out :)

ah just gone be trying some xD

still need to find a use for the hole in the back that the PSU will leave :)
maybe a fan will fit there i dont know it needs to be seals for sure

also i am gone need to bolt down the acrylic in the side window
the tape i used only holds it for about 2 week's than it gives away
think i am gone use black rib-its or black screws or somethings